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What you need to know about High Security Registration Number Plates

High Security Registration Number Plates or HSRP for short is a number plate format which was introduced by the Ministry of Roads Transport and Highway (MORTH) in the year 2001. HSRP has been introduced to standardize vehicle number plates format across India. MORTH, Government of India amended the Rule 50 in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 to standardize the pattern of displaying vehicle registration number on the vehicles throughout India. 


This change in law was due to the shortcomings which exist in the current format of vehicle number plate formats. Some of the flaws in the law are as follows:

1. Every vehicle owner paints the vehicle number plate in his desirable font, size with logos and monograms.

2. A criminal can easily get away as repainting or changing the number plate is very easy. This encourages robberies and road related crimes.

3. Fancy number plates make it difficult to identify a vehicle in road rage, thefts, crimes and hit and run cases.

In order to address the above challenges which exist on road and also create a National database of all the vehicles in India HSRP has been introduced. This initiative will benefit the Police in identifying a vehicle involved in a crime immediately at the click of a button.

Specifications under HSRP

HSRP has defined the framework in which a vehicle number plate should be displayed on the vehicle. As per the sub-section (6) of section 41 it is clear that the registration number of the vehicle should be displayed clearly and legibly in the security license plate with following specifications.

1. The HSRP plate has to be a solid unit made of 1.0 mm aluminium. It should conform to DIN 1745/DIN 1783 or ISO 7591. The border edges and corners of the security plate has to be rounded to the extent of approx. 10mm. This is to avoid injuries, the plates must have an embossed border. The security plate should be suitable for hot stamping. The reflective sheet has to be guaranteed for a life of minimum five years. Fast coloring of the legend and border are to be done by hot stamping.

2. HSRP should bear the letters "IND" in blue color on the extreme left center of the security plate. The size of the letter should be one fourth the size of letters mentioned in rule 51 and should be buried into the foil or applied by hot stamping and should be part of the plate.

3. HSRP plate has to be protected against counterfeiting through chromium-based hologram applied by hot stamping. Stickers and adhesive labels are not allowed. It should also bear a permanent consecutive identification number of nine characters, to be laser branded into the reflective sheeting. Hot stamping film has to bear a verification inscription.

An example of the number plates meeting the above conditions is as shown below:

HSRP Private Plate
HSRP Private Plate

HSRP Taxi Plate
HSRP Taxi Plate

4. Apart from the registration marks on the front and rear, there has to be third registration mark in the form of a self destructive type, hologram sticker which should be affixed on the windshield of the vehicle. It has be affixed on the top left hand side of the windshield. The registration details such as registration no, Engine no,Chassis no of the vehicle with other necessary identifiable details has to be printed on the sticker. The third registration mark has to be issued by the registering authorities approved dealers of the license plates. If the sticker is destroyed it has to be reissued by the license plate manufacturer or his dealer.

An example of the sticker to be put on the left hand top side of the windshield of a vehicle.
HSRP Sticker
HSRP Sticker

5. Security plate has to be fastened with non-removable, non-reusable snap lock fitting system on rear of the vehicle. Fitting has to be done at the premises of the registering authority which is the RTA of the respective state. The license plates with all the above specifications shall be issued by the registering authority and fitted by the approved license plates manufacturers or their dealers. The Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi or any of the agency authorized by the Central Government shall issue the certification to approve the license plates manufacturers for the above specification.

An example of the snap locks which are not removable once the HSRP is affixed.

HSRP Snap Locks
HSRP Snap Locks

A complete example of the HSRP rule can be seen in the below image.

HSRP Specs
HSRP Specs

6.The size of the plate for different categories of vehicles shall be as follows:

2 and 4 wheelers: 200 x 100 mm and 285 x 45 mm

Light Motor Vehicle Passenger cars: 340 x 200 mm , 500 x 120 mm

Medium commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles and Trailer combination: 340 x 200mm

Provided That this sub-rule shall apply to already registered vehicles two years from the date of commencement:

Provided further that the size of the registration plates for agricultural tractors shall be as follows:

Front - 285 x 45 mm

Rear - 200 x 100 mm

In the case of two wheelers the registration mark in the front has to be displayed parallel to the handle bar on any part of the vehicle including mudguard facing the front instead of on a plate in line with the axis of the vehicle.

HSRP Status

HSRP is being implemented at its own pace by different states across India. Supreme Court has also set deadlines for the states which again vary from state to state as some states have cited pending litigation with regards to tender process of the number plates. It is mandatory for new vehicles in Delhi to have HSRP. New vehicles which do not have HSRP can be fined Rs. 2000 in Delhi.

Cost of the number plates also varies from one state to another and is not uniform. As per the law it is mandatory that all the vehicle whether they be new or old have to get HSRP fitted on there vehicle.


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