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Cashless Payment for Spot Traffic Challans at Hyderabad

Hyderabad Traffic Police has earlier this year introduced Cashless Traffic Challans under which all spot challans issued by Traffic Police to erring traffic commuters can be made at the nearest MeeSeva center or by swiping Credit/Debit Card on the GPRS enabled PDA machine. This implies that no cash will be collected on the spot from the commuters. This move has been introduced to address the complaints by commuters of  rampant corrupt practice on the city roads. 

Hyderabad commuters will find the following device with the Traffic Police wherein they can make payment through a card on the spot.

Cashless Traffic Challans
Device which enables cashless traffic challans

This move is to take forward concept of non-contact enforcement which eliminates the need of cash which is the main source of corruption. Besides enforcing cashless challans traffic police is also checking pending e-challans against the vehicles while raising new challans. Any vehicle owner who fails to pay up pending e-challans will be prosecuted and a court case will follow. 

Additional Commissioner of Police traffic, Jitendar Gupta has also issued orders to the traffic cops not to collect the cash in any situation from any commuter on the road. He has asked commuters to report any such instance where a traffic cop asks for cash through the Facebook Page of Hyderabad Traffic Police or through Traffic Helpline Number +9010203626.

Note: Cashless challans are only being implemented in Hyderabad and are yet to be adopted by Cyberabad Traffic Police.

What do you think about this move?, Has instances of corruption reduced on the road at Hyderabad. Do share your view in the comment section below. 


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