Budget 2017 – Gain and Loss for every Income Tax Slab

Budget 2017 presented recently had some benefits by way reduction in taxes in the first slab from 10% to 5%. In this post we bring to you the exact quantum of tax benefit you will get based on where you fall in the tax slab from  3lacs to 150Lacs. Please find below the table which lists out the benefit to you. The assumption in this calculation is that you are below 60 Years of age and you have fully used the tax deduction under section 80c. Below figures also take into account the additional surcharge amount of 10%. In case you are also claiming additional deduction under NPS, please reduce your taxable amount appropriately to arrive at the right figure.

Gross Total Income in Lakhs

Tax you have to pay in FY 2016-2017

Tax you have to pay in FY 2017-2018



























































































































Top 3 benefits related to Housing and Traders declared in the Budget -2017 are as follows:

  1. Changes in Capital Gain taxation for immovable properties:

(a) Holding period reduced for computation of long term capital gain from 3 years to 2 years

(b) Base year for counting the cost of property shifted from 1.4.1981 to 1.4.2001 for all classes of assets including immovable property.

  1. Promoting Digital Economy:

(a). In the presumptive income tax for small traders, income to be taken as 6% of turnover which is received by digital or banking means. This will save tax up to 46% for traders of income up to 2Cr.

(b). Cash expenditure allowable to be reduced to Rs.10,000 from the existing Rs.20,000.

(c). Cash transaction of above Rs.3 lakh not to be permitted. The penalty of equal amount to be levied in case of breach.

  1. Three concessions in the scheme of Income Tax exemption for affordable housing:

(a) Area of 30 and 60 Sq.mtr. to be counted as carpet area and not built-up area;

(b) 30 Sq.mtr. only in 4 metropolitan city limits and 60 Sq.mtr. for the rest of the country;

(c)  Completion period extended from 3 years to 5 years.

Hyderabad Traffic Police e-challan Status Online

In this article you will find information about how to check pending e challan status against your vehicle for Hyderabad Cyberabad city. You will also learn on how to pay your pending e-challans online here. If you have been issued a e-challan for a traffic offense in Hyderabad and Cyberabad or anywhere in Telangana state then you will find the following boxes of information on your e-challan receipt. It will have

1. e-Challan Number – A unique number for the traffic challan issued to you.
2. Traffic Offense – The traffic violation committed by the vehicle.
3. Vehicle Owner Name – Name of the vehicle owner as per RTA database.
4. Date, Time and Place of Defiance – Date, Time Stamp and Place of Violation
5. Photo Proof of Disobedience – Photographic evidence of the violation
6. Traffic Fine Amount + User Charges – Fine amount plus the applicable user charges
7. Traffic PS Limits – The traffic police station under whose jurisdiction the traffic violation occurred and the challan was raised.

You need to enter your Motor Vehicle number as it is displayed in the Registration Card (RC) including all zeros. Precise format of entering the number plate of the vehicle is mentioned below. 

Proper format for entering the Vehicle Number below is : AP09AB0009
Erroneous formats are: AP09AB009, AP09AB09, AP9AB9
Please enter you vehicle no on the below link to check your e-challan

e Challan Hyderabad

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Procedure to Pay Traffic Challan Online
Check Cyberabad E-Challan Status Online

Note: E-Challan Site is down on some occasions. +Traffic Police 

Learn More about about e-Challan below

What is e-Challan?

e-Challan from Traffic Police is an electronic form of Traffic Challan which is generated on the basis of Traffic Violations committed by a Road User captured on camera. e-Challan is backed by a photographic evidence which a vehicle owner can request from Traffic Police to ascertain his violation. eChallan copy with details after generation is sent to the address available against the vehicle in RTA database. There are two types of traffic challans generated across Hyderabad . One is e-Challan and the other is Spot Challan, you can find the difference here.

e-Challan Traffic Fine Rates

e-Challan fine rates are not different from a normal spot challan which a user has to pay. At ocassions a Spot Challan can be more depending on the number of sections of violation a road user has committed. Every traffic fine is accompanied with the sections under the Motor Vehicle Act which a user has violated. You can find all traffic fine rates and sections under which a vehicle is fined here.
e-Challan Generation
Hyderabad and Cyberabad Traffic Police make use of various ways to capture the traffic violations on road on camera. As mentioned earlier that a photographic evidence is required for generating e-challan, which makes it necessary to use latest available technologies to take the snap of a road user in action. There are 6 methods used for this which are mentioned here.
e Challan Photo Proof Check

A road user who has been issued e-Challan can request for a photographic evidence of the traffic violation from Hyderabad or Cyberabad Traffic Police. Since the system and technology adopted by the traffic police is evolving, the facility to view these traffic violation images online is only available for e-challans generated after 1-May-2013. If you have a pending e-challan which has been issued before 1-May-2013 then you have to visit the traffic police station which is mentioned in the e-challan or as mentioned against your e-challan to check the photo proof of the violation.

Android App
Hyderabad Traffic Police has also provided a facility to check echallan through an Android App which allows you to also register for alerts. This will allow you to get an alert whenever your vehicle gets an traffic challan. Online payment of the traffic challan can also be done through this app. You can download this app by searching for e challan in google play store. As the app kept changing and the old app was removed we have removed the link to the app.
Legal Action against Citizens with Pending e-Challans
eChallans have a long pendency and many road users do not pay them due to various factors. Many of them are unaware of the challans because of the following reasons:
1. Difference in Address at RTO and the present address due to shifting
2. Sale of Vehicle

While the above two reasons are the main reasons because of which a road user is unable to receive e-challan others do not pay them on time. Hyderabad Traffic Police has initiated legal action by approaching the court to identify repeat violators who do not pay traffic fines even after repeated reminders. Many such violators have been prosecuted and have been fined even more by the court. You can find more information at this link. Some repeat traffic offenders have also been jailed.

Traffic Challan User Charges

You will find another charge which is added to your total amount above. This is User or Service Charge which the Traffic Police applies to every e-Challan and is irrespective of the Traffic Rule disobeyed by a motorist. You can find further information on the User charges breakup here.

Motor Vehicle Act Sections

Everything apart eChallan is an innovative concept as it does not disrupt vehicle movement while still ensuring that a traffic violation on road gets penalized. You can experience the difference on road when a congestion on road is due to Traffic Police Personnel stopping a vehicle on road with heavy traffic for checking and issuing a traffic challan when compared to an e-challan which will not only captures the moral disrespect for the rule but also ensures that other commuters are not inconvenienced. This format has its limitation and it cannot generated challan receipt for every traffic rule you do not follow. Following is the list of Motor Vehicle Act which are covered under e-Challan.
a. No Parking 
b. Over Speed 
c. Stop Line
d. Wrong U Turn
e. Wrong Side Driving
f. Incorrect Number Plate
Some of the other traffic rules which are document related such as RC, DL, PUC related are not covered here.
Online and Offline Payment of e-Challan
Traffic Police has come with various methods using which a citizen can pay e-challan. At the time of writing this article a road user could pay e-challan through Netbanking, Credit/Debit Card and Cash. A citizen can also pay e-challan by swiping his Credit/Debit card on the road at the POS machine available with Traffic Personnel. This makes it easier for citizens to pay there e-challans anywhere in the city. You can learn on how to pay it online step by step at here.

News about e-Challan and Systems introduced by Hyderabad and Cyberabad Traffic Police

Cops to Slap Photo-linked E-Challan on Traffic Rule Violators Soon

Integrated E-Challan System Launched by Hyderabad Traffic Police

GHMC Property Tax Payment Online

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation of GHMC for short is the municipal body for the city of Greater Hyderabad. It covers one of the largest area under any municipal department after Delhi in India. GHMC which has all areas the erstwhile Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad or MCH had including 10 municipal bodies & 8 panchayats of Ranga Reddy district, 2 municipal bodies of Medak district and 1 municipal body of nalgonda district.
GHMC collects tax annually and provides an incentive to tax payers who pay there tax before a pre defined date as declared by GHMC. The incentive is also declared by GHMC. Official website of GHMC is http://www.ghmc.gov.in and you can pay your property tax online GHMC site by following the procedure given below.
Procedure to Pay GHMC Property Tax Online

1. Know your GHMC Circle: Before you set out to make payment of your Property tax online you need to be aware of your GHMC Circle.Area under GHMC has been divided into 18 circles and 150 wards. You can obtain this information form this link GHMC Circles or by calling GHMC Helpline number 155304 or in the Property tax notice received by you as shown below.

GHMC Circle on Property Tax Notice
GHMC Circle

2. Know your PTIN: PTIN or Property Tax Identification number is a number assigned to you by GHMC. This number identifies your property in the GHMC database. You can find this on your Property Tax Notice as shown below.

GHMC Property Tax PTIN No

It is essential that after you have correctly note this number and verify the details like address and name in the GHMC database.

Once you have the above details visit GHMC site and select Payments tab as shown below and click on Property Tax:
GHMC Property Tax
After clicking on the above link you will come to this page
Please note that above link is the link at the time of writing this article but is subject to change from time to time depending on changes made by GHMC to its site. Thus it is recommended that you visit the official site of GHMC and then click the link Payments–> Payment–>Property Tax to get the latest link.
You will then see a page as shown below wherein you have to select your GHMC circle and enter your PTIN number to get the property tax due against your property.
GHMC Property Tax Payment Online

After entering your Property Tax Identification Number(PTIN), information regarding your property will be retrieved from the GHMC database as shown below.

GHMC Property Tax Payment
GHMC Property Tax Payment

You can also check the the plinth area of the property by clicking the link at the bottom as shown below.

Property Plinth Area
Property Plinth Area

Netbanking Or Credit/Debit Card

You can make payment either through Netbanking or Credit Card. The payment gateway has been provided by IDBI Bank.

Once the payment is made successfully you will be given a transaction number as shown below. Make a note of it future communication with GHMC in case of dispute.

GHMC Transaction No
GHMC Transaction No

htp.gov.in Traffic Update, Alerts FM Channels – Hyderabad Traffic Police

htp.gov.in Traffic Update, Alerts Through FM Channels – Hyderabad Traffic Police


Hyderabad and Cyberabad Traffic Police has conducted a meeting with all FM Radio Channels Officials to provide live Traffic information cum Traffic alerts to the Citizens of Hyderabad .
Traffic alerts service which started from 24-3-2014 onwards to all commuters about traffic jams, live traffic situations from various locations in the Greater Hyderabad area including suggestions for alternate routes, through the following FM Radio Channels.

1. FM Rainbow 101.9
2. Radio Mirchi 98.3
3. Red FM 93.5
4. BIG FM 92.7
5. Radio City 91.1

These alerts will also be available on Hyderabad Traffic Police Facebook page i.e www.facebook.com/hydtp & Hyderabad Traffic Police website www.htp.gov.in.

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10K Run Hyderabad – Traffic Diversions

10K Run Hyderabad – Traffic Diversions

Date and Timing: 23-March-2014 from 6.45AM to 8:00AM

In exercise of the powers conferred upon me under section 21 (1) (b) of the Hyderabad City Police Act, I, Anurag Sharma, I.P.S., Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, hereby notify, for information of the general public, that, in order to relieve congestion, to maintain smooth flow of traffic and to ensure public safety and order, in connection with 10 K run organized by BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, the following restrictions and diversions will be imposed from 0645 hours to 0800 hours on 23-03-2014.

Traffic diversions
1. Traffic coming from Rajbhavan, Anandnagar and Panjagutta towards Khairatabad flyover will not be allowed and diverted towards Nirankari at VV statue junction.

2. Traffic coming from I-Max theater will be diverted towards Khairatabad flyover at Necklace Rotary.

3. Traffic coming from Mint lane will not be allowed towards Helipad (NTR Memorial) and will be diverted towards Tr.P.S.Saifabad and I-Max theatre road.

4. Traffic coming from Iqbal Minar side and intends to proceed towards Secunderabad will not be allowed towards Telugu Talli Junction and Upper Tankbund and will be diverted at the Old Secretariat Gate on to the Telugu Talli Flyover, Lower Tankbund road, DBR Mills, Kawadiguda x road and Bible House.

5. Traffic coming from Hill fort road will not be allowed towards Ambedkar Statue & NTR Marg and will be diverted towards Iqbal Minor at Telugu Talli Junction.

6. Traffic coming from Basheerbagh will not be allowed to go straight towards Ambedkar statue, Upper tankbund and will be diverted towards GHMC Office-I.T.Lane-Telugutally /Himayatnagar at Liberty.

7. Traffic coming from Bible House and Mushherabad will be diverted at Kawadiguda x road towards DBR Mills towards Lower Tankbund and will not be allowed on the Children Park, Upper Tankbund.

8. Traffic coming from Bata towards Karbala Maidan will be diverted at Bible House Y Jn., towards Kavadiguda

9. Traffic coming from Rasoolpura towards Nallaguta under Railway Bridge will not be allowed and diverted towards Ranigunj x road.

General public are requested to avoid Tank Bund road, Necklace Road, NTR Marg road and take alternate routes to reach their destination and cooperate with the Traffic Police.
Note : Hyderabad Traffic Police FB Page is Maintained by Us and We are official partner of Hyderabad Traffic Police. All Data Released by Hyderabad Traffic Police is simultaneously released here.

Source : http://htp.gov.in Press Release 

Hyderabad Traffic Police Command Control Center

Hyderabad Traffic Police Command Control Center

It was inaugurated by Sri B. Prasada Rao, IPS, Director General of Police on 10th Mar 2014. Please find images of the same below. Above system is also called HTRIMS which stands for Hyderabad Traffic Integrated Management System.

Note : Hyderabad Traffic Police FB Page is Maintained by Us and We are official partner of Hyderabad Traffic Police. All Data Released by Hyderabad Traffic Police is simultaneously released here.

Source : http://htp.gov.in

eChallan v/s Spot Challan

eChallan v/s Spot Challan

What is eChallan?

Echallan is a non contact enforcement system to curb violations and implement stricter traffic discipline among the traffic commuters. eChallans are always backed by a photo evidence only. There are multiple ways a vehicle is issued an echallan. One method is with Surveillance Cameras, which take the violation photos which will be printed on the eChallan. Second is with Digital Cameras, the cops will take snap shots of the violations on the field. Third is through Speed Laser Gun Cameras which capture the speed along with the photo of a speeding vehicle. Fourth is through Red Light Violation Cameras which take very High Resolution Image of vehicle jumping Red Signal.

These photos are stored for record purposes. At present we have kept record of all the e-challan and violation information for all vehicles. You can check the e-challan status on our website. Photos of eChallans which have been generated after 1-May-2013 can be checked Online through our website.

echallan and Spot challan difference
E-Challan at Hyderabad

While eChallan has its benefits as method of non contact enforcement it cannot capture some of the violations such as Document Related Violations, Visible Violations not captured on Camera.

What is Spot Challan?

Spot Challan is the traditional method of issuing challans or traffic fines to a vehicle. Any vehicle can be issued a Spot Traffic Fine or Spot Challan for violation of traffic rules.

Can you convert a Spot Challan to eChallan or vice versa?

No, a Spot Challan cannot be converted to eChallan or vice versa as both challans are raised in completely different way. If a vehicle is challaned for the same offense at same date and time then one of the challans can be waived off.

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Vehicle Road Tax Online

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Vehicle Road Tax Online

Road Tax paid by a vehicle can be Searched Online below by entering the Car Registration Number in this format: AP09AP0301

Incorrect Formats are: AP9AP0301, AP09AP301, AP9AP301

Vehicle Road Tax Online for AP Andhra Pradesh. Vehicle Road Tax paid anywhere in AP Andhra Pradesh can be checked online below.

Vehicle Road Tax Online for AP Andhra Pradesh should be entered as it is printed on the RC of the vehicle





Source: AP Transport Department

High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) Cost at Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh

What is the Cost of High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) Cost at Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh?

Update as on June 2014 : After Telanagan Govt has come , the High security number plate has been put on hold by KCR till further notice.

Vehicles i.e both Cars and 2 wheelers in Hyderabad and surrounding districts might have to get high security registration or number plates Fixed before Dec 2013 . The HSRP implementation is chosen for Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy initially , then would reach to other Telangana regions. Andhra pradesh will now implement it separately after separation.

Telangana Transport will issues notification if any new update comes.

Sizes and Cost of HSRP plates in Telangana

LMV / Cars- 340 x 200 mm number plate – Rupees. 619
Passenger Cars – 500 x 120 mm number plate- Rupees. 649
Commercial Vehicles – 340 x 200 mm – Rupees. 649
2 and 3-wheelers – 200 x 100 mm – Rupees. 245 for 2-Wheelers and Rupees. 282 for 3-Wheelers

All rates are Govt. fixed.

The number plate back color for the HSRP should be black on yellow background in case of commercial vehicles and black on white back for personal cars.

HSRP contains chromium hologram with chakra on corner of the plate in both plates.

Source : AP Transport

Driving License Search Check Online

Driving License (DL) Search Check can be done Online below

Enter the Driving License (DL) in this format: DLFAP010116782000

Incorrect Formats are: DLFAP01011678200DLF/AP010/11678/2000

Driving License(DL) Search Check Online for AP Andhra Pradesh. Driving License issued anywhere in AP Andhra Pradesh can be checked online below.

Driving License should be entered as it is printed on the back side of the Driving License. The number letters and digits a Driving License contains is 17.




Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the use of this service?

This service is useful to trace information about validity of a Driving License (DL) of a Driver. Enter the Driving License number (e.g. DLFAP010116782000) and this service will tell you State and City/Town in which the Driving License was registered along with the name of the person on whose name it is registered. Basically you will be able to locate RTO (Regional Transport Office) where the Driving License is registered along with validity of the Driving License, type of vehicles he can drive. Driving License Owners address was available previously but was removed to ensure privacy.

2. Why would I need to trace an Driving License (DL) details?

Let’s say you are hiring a Driver and wants to verify his Driving License (DL), then you can take copy of his driving license and enter it above to verify the details.

3. Can I trace address details of the Driving License?

No. This service can trace and tell you the details about the RTO office where the Driving License was registered. Due to privacy concerns and restrictions, exact address details are not available to everyone. We help you to identify the RTO office in which the Driving License is registered; you can approach the RTO office to get owner details of the Driving License (DL).

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