12 Penalty Points will lead to DL Suspension - Learn how you earn them?

Hyderabad Traffic Police has started implementing the Government Order passed on 24-April-2017 which has introduced Penalty points in addition to the traffic challan you pay for a violation. These penalty points are applied on your driving license and all you need is 12 Points for your driving license to be suspended for an year.

Penalty Points Lead to DL Suspension
Penalty Points Introduced

Below is the list the offenses which earn you these points.

Relevant Section under
M.V.Act, 1988

Gist of Offence

Penalty Points

Carrying extra passengers in the front seat of Auto (piloting)
Unauthorized  carrying of passengers                                                              in goods vehicle
Driving without wearing of seat belts/helmets
Wrong side driving

Driving at a speed upto 40 kms/hr higher than permitted speed
Driving  at a speed   exceeding  40 kms/hr higher than permitted speed

Driving   Dangerously/Driving   while              using                          cell
phone/excess   load   projection   on                        either side/ jumping signal/lane crossing (zig zag).

Drunken driving of Two wheeler
Drunken   driving   of   Four                wheeler/Lorry/Goods carrier
Drunken driving of a public service vehicle like Bus/Cab/Auto
Racing & Trial of Speed while driving

Using vehicle in unsafe condition in public place by violating road safety, control of noise and air pollution,     parking     endangering     safety   of
commuters (only on Highways)

Driving without Insurance Certificate
Driving   without   Public   Liability              Certificate           in respect  of  vehicles  carrying  or  meant  to carry
hazardous substances
Cognizable offences involving

(i)279 IPC/336 IPC/337 IPC/338 IPC
(ii) 304 (A) IPC / 304 II IPC
(iii)Using   the   vehicle   while                committing    chain snatching/robbery/similar offence,etc.,

As you can see from the list above that most aspects that earn you points are for dangerous driving. Once you have earned these points they will be recorded in the RTA database against your DL for 24Months. 

What happens once you get 12 Points?

a. At any point of time, if the cumulative tally of the penalty points accrued by a driver having a license exceeds the limit of twelve (12) points during the preceding block period of 24 months, his/her driving license shall be suspended for a period of one year from the date of accrual of twelve points. On suspension of the driving license, the accrued penalty points shall cease to subsist.

b. If a person, whose license has been suspended and later revoked after completion of one year period under Rule 45-A(4)(i), again accrues twelve (12) points subsequently, driving license of such person shall be suspended for a period of 2 years from the date of accrual of the said twelve (12) points. On further repetition of accumulation of 12 points every time, the driving license shall be suspended for a period of 3 years.

Driving with a Suspended Driving License?

If you are driving with a suspended license then the vehicle will be seized and a chargesheet will be filed in the court.

Learner's License will be Cancelled at 5 Points

If a person holding a learner's license gets 5 points during the validity period of learner's license, then the learner's license shall be cancelled forthwith. The person whose learner's license has been cancelled shall be eligible for re-issue of fresh Learner's License on production of a certificate of learning driving as prescribed from a recognized school or establishment.

How to reduce your Penalty Points?

Government has also provided for a way for you to reduce your penalty points. If a person has accumulated several points for violations, he shall get an opportunity to reduce the tally by three Penalty Points by undergoing defensive training course/motor vehicle accident prevention course from an institution recognized by the Transport Department of the Government. However, this facility shall be restricted to two times in a continuous period of two years”.


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