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e Challan System at Hyderabad and Cyberabad Traffic Police

eChallan system is present in many cities of India from many years and is now being introduced in many more metro cities. The system is effective for Traffic Police as it offers an innovative way of enforcing traffic rules in a city. It is a way of non-contact enforcement of traffic rules which reduces corruption and brings transparency in overall functioning of Traffic Police. It also reduces incidents where an irate commuter argues with traffic police.

e-Challan History

eChallan which means Electronic Challan was used by Traffic Police in the early 2000's in Hyderabad city when the Govt issued a Government Order to allow issue of challans electronically in Traffic Police. Overall purpose of e Challan was to  While the initial method was to take pictures of violation through CCTV Cameras, many other devices eventually were used to generate e-challans. Following image gives you an iota of what devices are currently in use.

e Challan
e Challan

Currently e Challan is being generated by use of following methods. The methods are shown in the visual above.

1. Digital Cameras: Every Traffic Police Station(PS) has been given a certain number of Sony Digital Cameras which have been handed over to constables of the PS. Constables go around in there area and take pictures of different types of violations and come and upload them in the e challan application. eChallan is then generated by the staff through manual entry of the vehicle number.

2. Speed Laser Gun Cameras: These are special laser gun cameras which measure the speed of the vehicle and also take High resolution pictures. These high resolution pic show the vehicle number clearly with the speed of the vehicle. The vehicle number here are again entered manually. Vehicles are then issued challan for Over Speed violation.

3. Mobile Interceptor Vehicle: These vehicles intercept vehicle violating traffic rules and also carry Speed laser gun cameras with them.

4. Automatic Red Light Violation Cameras: These cameras are strategically placed at a height near Traffic Signals and are connected to it. They are triggered every time a traffic signal changes from Red Light to Green Light. They have High Resolution Cameras attached to them which take a picture of all the vehicles beyond the stop line every time the signal changes. All vehicles are then issued a eChallan.

5. CCTV Surveillance Cameras: Traffic Police has installed over 300+ CCTV Cameras at various Traffic Signals which are monitored by Traffic Personnel from a centralized CCTV Surveillance Monitoring Center. The staff here takes snapshots of traffic violations and traffic challans are generated upon them.

6. Facebook Page: Traffic Police also accepts Traffic Violation Pics form citizens on Facebook and generates eChallan on vehicles. While this is done on case to case basis after evaluating each violation picture. This is not done for all pictures uploaded by netizens.

Violations Covered under eChallan
This may vary from city to city depending on the tools used to generate echallan but most of the cities cover the following violations under eChallan.

1. No Parking 
2. Over Speed 
3. Stop Line
4. Wrong U Turn
5. Wrong Side Driving
6. Incorrect Number Plate

Vehicle Insurance Violation
A new traffic violation which has been added by Cyberabad Traffic Police is of Vehicle Insurance. They have integrated there eChallan system with Insurance Database to ensure that vehicle which do not renew there Car Insurance on time are issued a eChallan automatically. While this system is new it is yet to adopted by other cities in India.

Traffic Apps

e-Challan Mobile App:
You can also down eChallan Mobile App for Android platforms from the below link to check your echallans on the go. Visit

e-Challan Alerts
A new service which has been launched by Hyderabad and Cyberabad is to generate a e-mail and SMS whenever any vehicle is issued a eChallan. 
e-Mail Alerts
To opt for e-mail service a user has to Register at the portal of echallan which is echallan.org. 
SMS Alerts
To receive alerts through SMS a user has to download the TrafficBuddy app from Google App Store.Visit 

Disputing an e-Challan
Since majority of the eChallans are generated on the basis of a photographic evidence which is filtered by a operator who enters the vehicle number manually, there is always a scope of Manual Error. If you believe that you have received a Wrong Traffic Challan through the above process then you can report it to Traffic Police. To do so visit the echallan.org site and enter your vehicle number then select the eChallan which you want to contest. Click on Report Us as shown in the Red Circle below.

Wrong Traffic Challan
Report US

Traffic Fines
While Traffic Fines vary from city to city and even from Hyderabad to Cyberabad you can find them on the respective website of the traffic police. For instance Parking violation at Hyderabad will cost you Rs. 200 the same violation at Cyberabad will cost you Rs. 1000.

For complete list visit
Hyderabad Traffic Police Fines List - http://www.htp.gov.in/MV-Act.html
Cyberabad Traffic Police Fines List - http://ctp.gov.in/OffencePenalties.htm