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Investigation in a Road Accident

Investigation in a Road Accident
Information Provided by Hyderabad Traffic Police under RTI Act.

What are the legal steps taken by the Police Officers while investigating the Road Accident cases both fatal and injury cases ?

Road accident cases are investigated by Law and order machinery. The investigation will be taken up as per provisions of Cr. P.C. and IPC and wherever required the provisions of Motor Vehicle Act also are applied.

What are the documents collected to prove the facts of the occurrence of the crime which includes the involvement of particular crime vehicle ?
The R.C., Driving Licence, Permit, Insurance and Fitness Certificate.

What are the mandatory documents to be submitted by accused driver of crime vehicle to the police before the accused driver is chargesheeted.
The same as above (RC Driving Licence, Permit, Fitness Certificate and Insurance related documents).

Do police investigation documents copies had been provided to insurance companies for their inquiries and any acknowledgement taken ?
The information is not available in Hyderabad Traffic Police Wing and whether the documents copies were provided to Insurance companies has to inquired at respective Law and Order Wing that is Hyderabad Police.

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