Got a Wrong Traffic Fine?

In recent years, through the use of technology, Bangalore Traffic Police has increased the number of evidence-based challans issued for traffic violations. This has made it easier to confirm to the public that the fines were issued justifiably. However, there continue to be instances where people believe that they have been erroneously fined. The police have now come up with a procedure for redressal of the such complaints.

Here are the options available to the public.

The complainant can visit the automation enforcement center at 13 th floor, Public Utility Building, M G Road and can verify the evidences collected by the center before sending the notice.

If the violation is raised through video surveillance then the video clip can be viewed in our web site. If the violation is raised through SMS/facebook/e-mail/IVRS, then evidences provided by the citizen's can be verified. If the violation is raised through field traffic violations(FTVR) entered by junction constables, the Officer i/c of automation center will verify the FTVR slips to check for any mistakes. If mistake is detected or the complainant provides any evidence for non-usage of vehicle,then the notice will be cancelled.

The Additional Commissioner (Traffic) has also clarified that the letter sent to the owner of the vehicle which is involved in the violation is only a police notice, and not a charge sheet. Therefore the notice can be cancelled any time if mistakes at the time of making entry are detected.


  1. I have got wrong traffic challan by police because my moter bike was kept in house from last two months so I request to traffic police head to remove the fack challan

  2. We have paid the fine of 500 to banglore traffic police for 80% visibility though government exempted from tax till 70% visibility.500 is not a small amount for common man. We are threatened of ceasing of vehicle if we don't pay fine for 80% visibility. It happened near Hebbal flyover while going to our native place Hyderabad with two kids.