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Clarification with respect to Black Films

Summary:  No one can paste any type of film on any of the glasses of a vehicle. The allowed VLT of 70% and 50% has to come in the glass from the manufacturer. It means if anyone wants to apply any tint they have to get there glasses changed with VLT of 70% for front and back & VLT of 50% for side glasses. No kind of film can be put/pasted on any of the glasses and it has been clearly defined in the SC judgement.


With regard to the Special Drive against the use of Black film of any percentage on safety glasses of motor vehicle in the country as per the orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in W.P.No. 265/2011, a meeting was held with all the Car Décor & Accessory shop owners in the twin cities of Hyderabad in the Traffic Conference Hall of the old PCR. At this meeting, they were explained in detail the contents of the Hon’ble Supreme Court orders and their role in implementing it. They were warned of the violation of the guidelines for the purpose of commercial gain, non compliance of which will lead to registration of criminal cases and seizure of the shops for illegal activities.

The main doubt expressed by the Car Décor / Accessory shop owners was that whether they can affix VLT(Visual Light Transmission) films as per guidelines i.e. 70% VLT for front and rear glasses and 50% for side glasses. It was clarified to them that they CANNOT AFFIX ANY EXTERNAL FILM OF ANY VLT ON THE SAFETY GLASSES. What is permitted is the 50% & 70% VLT which comes with the original safety glasses of the vehicle from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

There seems to be a confusion in the public regarding the usage of black or other films of any VLT on safety glasses of motor vehicle. It is requested of the media to kindly publicise through the print and visual channels and also through the FM Radio about the actual rule position as mentioned above.

The public should not go to Car Accessory shops and ask for affixing of any type of film of any VLT.

Addl. Commissioner of Police,
Traffic, Hyderabad.
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Source : http://htp.gov.in Press Release and Supereme Court Order

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  1. What's the difference between tint, and film it's nothing people who don't have enough money to get there Windows tinted from the manufacturer buy the legal tint of 50% to 70% from the retailers anyhow that thing is not legal what kind of nonsense is this people with higher security and police are allowed to have anykind of tint but not the regular people why should commonly poeple follow the rules when the higher people are not even obeying them if we are not allowed with the film which is legal why are the higher poeple allowed? I need a correct answer on this what's the reason higher level people even apply 100% film why???? specially in these types of weather in summer we can't control the Heat hlw are we supposed to drive, poeple who don't have ac, people who are allergic to sunlight what about them? To be honest, this law doesn't even make sense. And I've seen none got a perfect reply for their questions.