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Enigmatic Traffic Signals HTRIMS

New Traffic Signalling System HTRIMS being implemented at Hyderabad. It has been awarded to Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and its execution is underway.

Salient Features of the Traffic Signalling System:

• First time 221 Signal junctions are automated and centrally controlled
• First time with Vehicle Actuated Technology
• First time ATC( Area Traffic Control) with  Synchronized signal and Corridor management
• First time each road will have cameras to monitor the traffic congestions, density
• First time Fall back Connectivity
• First time Fall back power management
• First time Green energy initiative - Solar Power Backup, Direct Power and UPS Backup
• First time  Variable message boards across the city directing the traffic flows - 20 VMS
• First time project linked to SLA (Service Level Agreement) – Performance : Paradigm shift from “Concept to Contract” to “Concept to Service”
• First time Project managed with the support of third party professional management team (PMU)

To Know more download the complete presentation from here: CLICK HERE

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Source : http://htp.gov.in Press Release 


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