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Breakup of E-challan Service Charge

The fine amount paid by you for a violation which is generated from E-challan system includes fine amount of Rs. 100 (Old Fine amount, For New Fines Please visit http://hyderabad.trafficpolice.co.in/2011/08/government-order-108-increasing-fine.html ) plus a service charge of Rs.35. Please do not pay more than the fine amount plus service charge at E-seva Center. The fine amount for e-challans can only be paid at E-Seva Centers and Online sites such as www.aponline.gov.in or www.esevaonline.com. The total amount paid by you goes to Govt. Treasury and does not come to Hyderabad Traffic Police. We only get funds allotted to us by Budget.

E-Challan System at Hyderabad

The breakup of Service Charge of Rs. 35 in case of e-challan is as follows:

1. E-Seva Transaction Charge – Rs. 5

2. APTS which provides Software, Hardware and Other Consumables – Rs. 5
3. Police User Charge to run and maintan E-challan System – Rs. 10 (We have not received back this charge from Govt. till now)
4.      Printing Posting and Dispatching E-challans – Rs. 15