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Bengaluru Citizens can pay traffic fine by swiping card

Come New Year and Bengaluru citizens can pay there traffic challans on the spot by swiping there credit/debit card on the hand held device of the traffic personnel. Spot challan e-payment has become the norm at many cities in India and this initiative will help the commuters. 

In 2007, BCTP were the first in India to arm themselves with smartphones and a wireless challan printer. But violators have to pay a cash fine. This will soon change. When the contract with Blackberry expires in the first quarter of 2016, Bengaluru City Traffic Police (BCTP) will opt for a custom-made Android-based Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

“We are looking at four features in the new device. It should have an application to connect with the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) database, a good camera, an inbuilt printer and a facility to make online payments by swiping cards,” said M.A. Saleem, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic).

A tender will be floated shortly.

When New Delhi and Hyderabad have carried out pilot projects, they had a card swiping machine in their patrol vehicles. However, the practice was discontinued. Bengaluru will be the first city to come up with a PDA that will act as a mobile surveillance, database and payment device.

At present, traffic cops posted at important junctions are given digital cameras to capture evidence of violations, which are uploaded to the TMC database. TMC fires challans to the registered addresses of vehicle owners.

The new PDA will come equipped with a camera that will send a geo-tagged photograph to the TMC database.

Tech-savvy cops
Start experimenting with hand-held devices in 2004

Zero in on Blackberry in 2008

Contract with Blackberry in 2010

Blackberry + wireless challan printer given to all cops of assistant sub-inspector rank and above

650 sets in operation

Features for new custom-made device
Android platform

Cloud-based application

Real-time enforcement management

Debit/Credit card reader and swiping machine

In-built challan printer

Camera that sends geo-tagged photos to database


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