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e Challan system comes to Guntur City

Guntur Urban Police has initiated the call to introduce e-Challan system to improve enforcement system in the city. Guntur will add to the list of cities in India which have adopted this mode of enforcing traffic rules. e-Challan is a non contact mode of enforcing challans on errant traffic commuters who violate traffic rules. It reduces friction between the law enforcing traffic personnel and the traffic violators by ensuring a photographic evidence acceptable in the court of law is available as proof for the violation.

Guntur Police has placed orders for 18 e-Challan devices along with 35 Digital Cameras at a cost of Rs. 9.5 Lacs. The system is expected bring in transparency in implementation of the traffic rules on the road. SP, Sarva Srestha Tripathi said that the system will be used to generate e-challans for violations like Signal Jumping, Overloading, Triple Riding, Driving without Helmet and other violations which are acceptable by the court. The image captured by the devices will be sent directly to the central traffic control room for generation of the e-challan. The e-Challan will then be sent to the address of the vehicle owner.

e-Challan system is already running successfully in neighboring Vijayawada city and is bringing fruitful results for the traffic police. A lot of traffic violations are being captured through the digital cameras and surveillance cameras installed by the Vijayawada Police.


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