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RBI instructs use of Regional Language in Banks

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has instructed all the banks across India through its circular to make use of Regional Language on the Customer services front with main importance being given to following.

  • Display of all information boards in Hindi, English and the concerned Regional Language. Bank Posters at rural and semi-urban branches should also follow this guideline.
  • All the booklets provided to the customers should be English, Hindi and the regional language.
  • Usage of Hindi and Regional Language when conducting business transactions and communications with customers.
  • All the bank documents used for transactions and other purposes such as Account Opening Forms, Passbooks and Pay-in-slips should be in 3 languages including the regional language.
  • All cheque books should be in Hindi and English but the customer is free to write the cheque Hindi, English or the Regional Language.
  • Drop box and acknowledgement facility should be available at all collection counters and bank branches should not refuse to give acknowledgements. This message should be displayed in Hindi, English and the Regional Language.


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