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Pay your E-challan or Face Imprisonment

Hyderabad Traffic Police which earlier started issuing chargesheets to traffic violators who had more than 3 e-challans pending against there vehicle has now requested the courts to award imprisonment to habitual traffic offenders. 

Hyderabad Traffic Police
Hyderabad Traffic Police

There are over 1 lac vehicles against whom more than 3 e-challans are pending. Out of this Traffic Police has sent 20,000 legal notices to them. 50 percent of the violators have come forward and cleared the e-challans pending against there vehicle while the remaining are being charge sheeted by the traffic police in the court. The vehicle which are charge sheeted are being fined 3 times the amount of pending challan amount by the court. So far 500 traffic offenders have been charge sheeted by the police and all of them have paid heavy fines in the court.

Traffic Police is requesting the courts to award imprisonment to regular traffic offenders like in the case of drunken driving. It wants offenders violating rules like over speeding, signal jumping and the ones not responding to legal notices be awarded imprisonment. This will bring discipline and bring down the number of violations on the city roads. As on date traffic police is issuing 10,000 e-challans everyday. Many people do not pay these e-challans even after number of reminders. This stiff penalty is likely to bring down the pendency of payments which exists in e-challan payment.

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