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Now File FIR Online to Report Vehicle Theft through e-FIR at e-Police Station

In one of its novel initiative, Delhi Police has introduced the facility to file FIR for vehicle theft through e-FIR. This facility will enable the citizens of Delhi to report automobile theft through a mobile app or on the website of Delhi Police. The test run of the service has already started in South Delhi and soon the facility will be launched all over Delhi.

Delhi Police Launch e Fir in Delhi
Delhi Police

e-Police Station Created
To register FIR online a e-Police Station has been created under the Crime Branch for registration of cases. 5 e-Fir cases have been registered on the first day. This facility will also provide a Untraced Report to the complainant which he/she can use to claim vehicle insurance from the insurance company.

This facility will also enable creation of a a centralized database which will be updated once a vehicle is recovered. 

App and Website Launch
The app which will be called Motor Vehicle Theft and the site to report vehicle theft will be available next month when the honorable Prime Minister launches it for public use. 

This facility is likely to reduce frustration associated with vehicle theft as a complainant expects faster resolution of the case. In most of the cases the vehicle is unrecoverable and the complainant has to wait for a long time to get this report. This report is required by the Insurance company to release the claim amount. Once the app and site is fully operational the untraced report will be immediately available to the complainant and insurance company. This will provide faster financial compensation to the complainant.

Delhi Crime Joint Commissioner explained that the process to launch this service involved several representations before the e-committee of the High Court as well as the district courts. The system was also synced with the system of the courts. A e-court was also notified for this purpose in all the district courts.


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