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eChallan v/s Spot Challan

What is eChallan?

Echallan is a non contact enforcement system to curb violations and implement stricter traffic discipline among the traffic commuters. eChallans are always backed by a photo evidence only. There are multiple ways a vehicle is issued an echallan. One method is with Surveillance Cameras, which take the violation photos which will be printed on the eChallan. Second is with Digital Cameras, the cops will take snap shots of the violations on the field. Third is through Speed Laser Gun Cameras which capture the speed along with the photo of a speeding vehicle. Fourth is through Red Light Violation Cameras which take very High Resolution Image of vehicle jumping Red Signal.

These photos are stored for record purposes. At present we have kept record of all the e-challan and violation information for all vehicles. You can check the e-challan status on our website. Photos of eChallans which have been generated after 1-May-2013 can be checked Online through our website.

echallan and Spot challan difference
E-Challan at Hyderabad

While eChallan has its benefits as method of non contact enforcement it cannot capture some of the violations such as Document Related Violations, Visible Violations not captured on Camera.

What is Spot Challan?

Spot Challan is the traditional method of issuing challans or traffic fines to a vehicle. Any vehicle can be issued a Spot Traffic Fine or Spot Challan for violation of traffic rules.

Can you convert a Spot Challan to eChallan or vice versa?

No, a Spot Challan cannot be converted to eChallan or vice versa as both challans are raised in completely different way. If a vehicle is challaned for the same offense at same date and time then one of the challans can be waived off.
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