Bangalore Vehicle Owner Details Online

Vahan, an initiative by the Central Government has been taken to bring all the vehicle data available at Regional Transport Offices of different states. This initiative collects all vehicle information from State Registers and is the foundation of this National Register at Vahan. There are instances wherein you want to know the details for a particular vehicle. You are able to view some information for free while other information is available on payment. Information is available on payment only to organizations like Insurance Companies, Bank, etc. In order to obtain the information on payment the organization has to fill in an application form available at the below link

Vahan data can be searched on the basis of any of the following parameters.
  • Registration No - Enter either fully or partially
  • Chassis No
  • Engine No
  • Body Type
  • Fuel Type
  • Color
  • Name of Manufacturer
  • Make/Model etc.
You can view information about a vehicle partially for free at the below link.


You need to enter the vehicle number in the following format at the above link:

If the vehicle number is KA09AM1234 then enter KA09AM in the first field and 1234 in the second field as shown below.

Vehicle Search Online
Vehicle Database Search


  1. i boarded an auto today at 7:30pm from Forum Mall check post on Auto number KA01 - 7986. I wanted to go to Bommanahalli . I asked the auto driver how much he would charge me Rs 50.00. Usually in the evenings there is too much traffic. I agreed and boarded the auto. The auto driver was drunk and drove aimlessly till the St John Petrol pump and then said he needed Rs 100 to fill gas which i gave (i thought he will return the rest) however i had withdrawn Rs 500.00 from an ATM which the driver saw in my hand and asked if i had change for Rs 500.00. I said yes he he asked i gave (stupidity) then he said the auto cant move and needs to be pushed. I then realized something was wrong and then i asked the driver to return my cash he said he wont give and said do what you want.Later i got down as i could not afford any major haphazard and left. i request every body reading this to be very alert and request the traffic police to take action.

    1. Please post this on facebook page of bangalore traffic police for necessary action. Visit https://www.facebook.com/BangaloreTrafficPolice
      Also note down the traffic police number for giving complaint from the spot.
      Toll Free - 103
      080 - 22943030 / 131

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