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NOC from Traffic, Police Certificate, Duplicate RC

To get Traffic NOC
1. Go to Traffic control room opposite to Public Gardens with a letter addressed to Dy. Commissioner of Police, 
Traffic Branch, Police Control Room, near Lal Bahadur Stadium, Hyderabad  and a copy of the RC.
2. Give the form at the front counter and they will sign it and send you to 3rd floor
3. Before going to 3rd floor pay Rs.100/- in the eSeva counter for Missing RC
4. Take the e-Challan and the form and go to 3rd floor between 10.30 am and 4.30 pm
5. They will give an NOC (no objection certificate) in 10 minutes
6. Take that NOC and give it at the front counter again for them to sign and stamp it

To get Police Certificate
1. Write a letter addressed to the local Police Station explaining where, when and how the RC was lost
2. Write an affidavit on a Rs.10/- stamp paper that you did not give the Original RC to get a loan
3. Attach the Rs100/- eChallan from the Traffic NOC, the traffic NOC, copy of RC, copy of ID card, copy of pollution and insurance certificates.
4. Submit the form to the local Police Station
5. The computer operator will take it and ask you to come back after 2 days to collect the police certificate
6. Took 5 days to get the Police Certificate as it was during the festival time

To get the Duplicate RC from RTA
1. Take the originals and a copy of the Police, Pollution and Insurance Certificates
2. Fill out Form 26 http://www.aptransport.org/html/form26.htm and attach copies of Pollution and Insurance Certificates along with the original police certificate and a copy of the RC
3.Take it to the local RTA/RTO office by 10.30 AM to the Help Desk. They will check the originals and the form and issue a token. Take the token and go the Registration counter and pay Rs.525. The owner of the car has to be present.
4. The Duplicate RC will be sent by courier to home in a week.
5. Status of document delivery can be checked below http://www.aptransport.org/html/document_delivery_status.htm

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