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Press Note on Operation Black Film

Operation Black Film’
Enforcement of removal of Black Film was started on 25thOctober, 2012. Till date i.e. 02-11-2012 25,972 cases have been registered, out of which 247 cases were registered on Government / Police vehicles, 383 cases on big vehicles like buses, trucks and the remaining on cars and other vehicles.

As per a sample survey done yesterday, the level of compliance of the Supreme Court order to remove any type of film or other material on safety glasses of motor vehicles has reached 80 to 82%. The remaining 18 to 20% of the vehicles which have not removed black films comprise of those which are coming into Hyderabad city from outside and those who are willfully violating the Supreme Court order. This high level of self compliance can be attributed the effective education campaign carried through pamphlets distribution and media support.
Therefore, the Hyderabad Traffic Police has decided to increase the fine amountsas under for violation of black film rule from 05-11-2012, because adequate time has been given as per public demand, from 12thOctober, 2012 till date.
Rs.500/- for cars, buses
Rs.1,000/- for high end cars costing above 50 lakhs.
Some of the methods being used by 4 wheeler drivers to escape the implementation of Supreme Court orders are as below:
  1. Getting a challan of Rs.100/- written and then moving around the whole day showing that challan - The Traffic Officers will be challaning them multiple times and as many times as they are caught during the day.
  2. Drivers are lowering the window glasses when nearing the junction and then raising the glasses after crossing the junction to avoid detection by the police officers - From now on Traffic Police will compulsorily stop all cars with lowered windows and detect the case.
  3. Some drivers are not removing the black film on the rear glass and they are not easily detected by the police officer who watches the car from the front - These will be intercepted by the staff at the next junction, by communicating on wireless sets.
  4. After watching for another week, we will start detaining of vehicles u/s 130 M.V.Act like in Drunk Driving.

There is some confusion regarding private buses, OB vans of TV channels, school buses, vans and RTC buses which have black film on their window glasses. As per the Supreme Court order, no exemption has been given to any type of vehicleand all the above fall under the Supreme Court order.

Some applications are being received from Ministers, MLAs, other VIPs and dignitaries for exemption from this rule. All these applications are being forwarded and will be considered by the committee to be setup by the Government for this purpose as per the para 24 of the Supreme Court order. Traffic Police has no say on these applications.

Some other applications are also being received seeking exemption on the basis of skin and other health problems. The Supreme Court order very clearly has refused to entertain applications on health grounds and they have been rejected (Paras 18, 19, 20, 21, of Supreme Court order August, 2012)

Addl.Commissioner of Police,Traffic, Hyderabad.

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Source : http://htp.gov.in Press Release 


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