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RTO Hyderabad: How to get a Special Number for your Vehicle?

RTO Hyderabad: How to get a Special Number or VIP Number for your Vehicle?

VIP Number for your vehicle like AP 09BM 0001 etc from Regional Transport Office (RTO) Hyderabad or in any RTO at Andhra Pradesh can be obtained by spending extra money as VIP Number are auctioned by RTO at Andhra Pradesh. Highest Bidder gets the number.

The registration numbers are usually system generated in alphabetical order. Owner need to apply for special number.

By paying extra fees , owner gets his desired number instead of system generated number.

a)    Reservation of VIP Number

•    Form-RRMA
•    Form-RRMTA 
•    Tax payments receipt or Eseva Tax payment receipt
•    The special number selected 
•    Demand Draft

b)    Requirements for reservation of number in Current/ Tatkaal Scheme: 
•    The applicant should have already applied for registration of his vehicle in the office on the day of application for Current/Tatkaal Scheme.

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