Cyberabad and Hyderabad Police Jurisdiction

A separate division in City Police was formed at Hyderabad which is called Cyberabad by Legislative Assembly with the passage of the Bill called Cyberabad Act in the year 2004 introduced by then State Government in Power of Chandrababu Naidu, TDP. 

While the area under Hyderabad Police Commissioner is the core of Hyderabad, Cyberabad has a much larger area though much of it is still under development and is surrounding Hyderabad from all sides. 

Cyberabad Police limits, includes areas like Madhapur, Gachibowli, Hi-Tech City, Kukatpally, Miyapur, Balanagar, Sanath Nagar, Alwal, Malkajgiri, Uppal, L.B.Nagar,Rajendra Nagar, Saroornagar, Shivarampally etc. Such queries can be sent to DCP (Traffic), Cyberabad at the e-mail address

Cyberabad Police Jurisdiction covers an area of 3600 Sq. Kms. It has a Population of 60 Lakhs (approx). We serve the Communities with the help of 41 Police Stations (Law & Order) & 11 Traffic Police Stations supported by a series of auxiliary Police Units. The Geographic, Demographic and Administrative features of Cyberabad Metropolitan Area are as follows:

Cyberabad Area & Population
Area in Sq. Km 3600.09
Population 70 Lakhs
District Ranga Reddy
State Telangana

Country India
Public Bodies
Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituencies
Zilla Parishad Territorial Constituencies
Gram Panchayats –
Police Offices
Law & Order Zones 5
Law & Order Divisions 11
Law & Order Police Stations 41
Women Police Stations 1
Traffic Police Divisions 3
Traffic Police Stations 11
Central Crime Station 6
Cyber Crimes Police Station 1

Hyderabad Traffic Police will respond only to queries which fall within Hyderabad Traffic Police limits. Queries pertaining to Cyberabad Police limits, which include areas like Madhapur, Gachibowli, Hi-Tech City, Kukatpally, Miyapur, Balanagar, Sanath Nagar, Alwal, Malkajgiri, Uppal, L.B.Nagar,Rajendra Nagar, Saroornagar, Shivarampally etc. Such queries should be sent to DCP (Traffic), Cyberabad at the e-mail address

GHMC Property Tax Payment Online

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation of GHMC for short is the municipal body for the city of Greater Hyderabad. It covers one of the largest area under any municipal department after Delhi in India. GHMC which has all areas the erstwhile Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad or MCH had including 10 municipal bodies & 8 panchayats of Ranga Reddy district, 2 municipal bodies of Medak district and 1 municipal body of nalgonda district.
GHMC collects tax annually and provides an incentive to tax payers who pay there tax before a pre defined date as declared by GHMC. The incentive is also declared by GHMC. Official website of GHMC is and you can pay your property tax online GHMC site by following the procedure given below.
Procedure to Pay GHMC Property Tax Online

1. Know your GHMC Circle: Before you set out to make payment of your Property tax online you need to be aware of your GHMC Circle.Area under GHMC has been divided into 18 circles and 150 wards. You can obtain this information form this link GHMC Circles or by calling GHMC Helpline number 155304 or in the Property tax notice received by you as shown below.

GHMC Circle on Property Tax Notice
GHMC Circle

2. Know your PTIN: PTIN or Property Tax Identification number is a number assigned to you by GHMC. This number identifies your property in the GHMC database. You can find this on your Property Tax Notice as shown below.

GHMC Property Tax PTIN No

It is essential that after you have correctly note this number and verify the details like address and name in the GHMC database.

Once you have the above details visit GHMC site and select Payments tab as shown below and click on Property Tax:
GHMC Property Tax
After clicking on the above link you will come to this page
Please note that above link is the link at the time of writing this article but is subject to change from time to time depending on changes made by GHMC to its site. Thus it is recommended that you visit the official site of GHMC and then click the link Payments–> Payment–>Property Tax to get the latest link.
You will then see a page as shown below wherein you have to select your GHMC circle and enter your PTIN number to get the property tax due against your property.
GHMC Property Tax Payment Online

After entering your Property Tax Identification Number(PTIN), information regarding your property will be retrieved from the GHMC database as shown below.

GHMC Property Tax Payment
GHMC Property Tax Payment

You can also check the the plinth area of the property by clicking the link at the bottom as shown below.

Property Plinth Area
Property Plinth Area

Netbanking Or Credit/Debit Card

You can make payment either through Netbanking or Credit Card. The payment gateway has been provided by IDBI Bank.

Once the payment is made successfully you will be given a transaction number as shown below. Make a note of it future communication with GHMC in case of dispute.

GHMC Transaction No
GHMC Transaction No

Auto Rickshaw Fare in Chennai


    Auto Fare in Chennai 
    Updated on 27-Aug-2013

    Type of Vehicle
    Minimum charge
    Carbon Monoxide <=4.5 %
    Rs. 25/- for 1.8KM
    For next every 1 km
    Rs. 12/-
    Waiting charges for every 5 minutes
    Rs. 3.5 and Rs. 42/Hour
    Night time ( 11 PM hrs to 5 AM)
    50 % extra of the day time charge
Please find Revised Auto Fares at Chennai for your reference.

Chennai Auto Fare Revised

Auto Prepaid System and the Fare detail – Chennai – Central Railway Station

    Pre fix charges of Rs.2/- as service charge in the railway station counter and remaining amt to auto driver after reaching the place.
    • Hassle free ride
    • 24 hour service
    • NO extra charges. For luggage too.
    • Its 1.5 times of Normal fares as a service fee.
    • Same charges in night also.
    • For complaints report to RPF and Tamil Nadu Police.

Presentation on use of Black Films on Safety Glasses of Motor Vehicles

Presentation on use of Black Films on Safety Glasses of Motor Vehicles

Note : Hyderabad Traffic Police FB Page is Maintained by Us and We are official partner of Hyderabad Traffic Police. All Data Released by Hyderabad Traffic Police is simultaneously released here.

Source : Press Release 

Drunk Driving Enforcement 7-Sep and 8-Sep 2012

The Drunk Driving enforcement was carried out over the last weekend i.e. on September, 7thand 8th. 296 cases were registered against Drunk Drivers. The vehicles of all the above were detained:
Break up is : 4 Wheelers – 73
                       2 Wheelers – 214
                       Autos – 9
The Drunk Drivers have to now compulsorily attend the Traffic Training Institutes at Goshamahal and Begumpet and undergo a detailed counselling session which shows them video films on the results of driving under the influence of alcohol and videos of other traffic violations. An appeal is made to them to avoid Drunk Driving in future, atleast for the sake of their own family.
Those, who attend the Counselling Session, have their challan stamped at the Traffic Training Institute, certifying that they have attended the Counselling Session. After the Counselling Session, these Drunk Drivers are produced before the Hon’ble IV Metropolitan Magistrate, Sri B.C.Rayudu and the Magistrate imposed fines of Rs.2,000/- upto Rs.3,000/- on each violator.
After the fine is paid, they have to come back to the concerned Police Station and collect their vehicle. This entire process may take anywhere between 3 to 7 days. To avoid inconvenience and in view of their own and others safety, the Hyderabad Traffic Police appeals to all citizens not to drive under influence of alcohol.
Till date, 9,000 cases against Drunk Driving have been registered by the HTP since it was launched 10 months ago.
Addl.Commissioner of Police,
Traffic, Hyderabad.

Note : Hyderabad Traffic Police FB Page is Maintained by Us and We are official partner of Hyderabad Traffic Police. All Data Released by Hyderabad Traffic Police is simultaneously released here.

Source : Press Release 

Special Drive against Free Left, Signal jumping and Stop Line Violation

 The Hyderabad Traffic Police has been carrying out the special drives against free left, signal jumping and stop line violations for the past (5) days. The details of enforcement are given below:
Name of Special drive
Free left violation
Stop line violation
Signal jumping
In (5) days, 1032 people who are violated the free left rule have been sent to the Traffic Training Institutes at Begumpet and Goshamahal for education and counseling, after which, their vehicles have been handed over to them after payment of fine.
The free left drive was started at 57 places in 42 junctions by putting up a special board and 10 new reflective cones all tied with a rope to prevent crossing over. This effort has been very successful as the commuters have got used to it in the (5) days, except at a few places (like Jubilee Hills Check Post, M.J.Market Jn., KCP Jn., Khairatabad towards Taj Krishna road). The road width of 3 lanes was found to be too less for the volume of vehicles coming on to the road, the result that the discharge of traffic volume on the green signal falling green through 2 lanes instead of 3, was leading to a huge build up of traffic on the back side. This also was leading to the non operation of the free left leading to wastage of place of precious one lane carriage way on those roads. Therefore, the free left was stopped at the above (3) places.
Free left experiment is under observation at few of the sensitive places like Rasoolpura, Srinagar ‘T’ junction, Sagar Society as public is getting use to do it.
The Hyderabad Traffic Police is also in search of other places where free left can be implemented and has identified 3 or 4 places which shall be experimented upon during the coming week.
Addl.Commissioner of Police,
Traffic, Hyderabad.

Counseling for Drunk Drivers

The Hyderabad City Police has launched “Counseling for Drunk Drivers” on 23-04-2012 at the Traffic Training Institute, Goshamahal to create awareness about the ill effects of drunk driving and thus to change their attitude. During last Friday and Saturday, 280 drunk drivers were arrested among which 204 are two-wheelers, 7 are three-wheelers and 69 are four-wheelers.Among the, 220 drivers attended the Counseling Sessions in the morning. Films on ill effects of drunk driving and other slides of traffic rules have been shown to them. The Addl. Commissioner of Police, Traffic addressed the gathering. He informed the drunk drivers that from now on unless they attend this counseling and get their challans stamped. They will not be produced before the Magistrate and their vehicle will also not be released. They were told that the Hon’ble 3rd and 4th Metropolitan Magistrates are thinking of imposing Jail Sentences as provided in the M.V. Act, to those drivers who were heavily drunk.

During Counseling Sessions the drivers realized their fault and promised that they would never drink and drive and also advice their friends about the concept.

The respondents will be sent to the Court after the counseling where the Magistrates would impose fine upto Rs. 2,500/- or imprisonment upto 6 months.

Addl. Commissioner of Police,
Traffic, Hyderabad.

Traffic Advisory for Ganesh Immersion Procession on 11-Sep-2011

Please Note: Above MAP is approximation on Google Map.


(Police Department)
Office of the
Commissioner of Police,
Hyderabad City.
No.Tr.T4/2294/2011.                                                                           Dated:   09-09-2011
            In exercise of the powers conferred upon me under section 21 (1) (b) of Hyderabad City Police Act, I, A.K.Khan., I.P.S., Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad do hereby notify for the information of the general public that in order to relieve congestion, to maintain smooth flow of traffic and to ensure public safety and order in connection with the Ganesh Immersion Procession on 11-09-2011, the following Traffic Regulations will be implemented.
I)   Procession Routes: The Main Procession starts from Keshavagiri and passes through Nagulchinta – Falaknuma – Charminar – Madina – Afzalgunj – M.J.Market – Abids – Basheerbagh – Liberty – and finally Upper Tank Bund and NTR Marg.   Various other streams of the procession join the Main procession at some junctions.
The Procession from Secunderabad area passes through RP Road – MG Road – Karbala Maidan – Kawadiguda – Musheerabad X Road – RTC X Road – Narayanaguda X Road – Himayathnagar ‘Y’ Junction and joins the main Procession at Liberty.
Another stream that comes through the EAST from Uppal – Ramanthapur – Amberpet – NCC at OU – Durga Bai Deshmukh Hospital joins the above stream at RTC X Roads.
The idols from the Western side join the procession at MJ Market and also at Secretariat – Telugu Thalli statue.
No traffic other than the idols’ procession will be allowed to move on the Main Procession route between 0600 hrs on the 11-09-2011 to 0600 hours on 12-09-2011.   The traffic restrictions will be extended if the situation so demands.
II) TRAFFIC DIVERSION POINTS: Movements of vehicles other than those carry Ganesh Idols will be restricted and diverted at many points along the main procession route and at other points adjoining the routes of other tributary processions. Facility to cross from the West to East or vice versa is given at the Basheerbagh Junction only.   Commuters are advised to use the Ring Road and Begumpet area to avoid diversions.   All the side roads leading to the Main Procession route will be barricaded. The main traffic diversion points are :
1) HYDERABAD SOUTH : Keshavagiri, Mahaboobnagar X Roads, Engine Bowli, Nagul Chintha, Himmathpura, Hari Bowli, Asra Hopsital, Mogulpura, Lakkad Kote, Madina X Road, MJ Bridge,  Dar Ul Shifa X Roads, City College.
2) HYDERABAD EAST : Chanchalguda Jail X Roads, Moosarambagh, Chaderghat Bridge, Salarjung Bridge, Afzalgunj, Puthilibowli X Roads, Troop Bazar, Jambagh X Roads, Andhra Bank Koti,
3) HYDERABAD WEST: Tope Khana Mosque,   Alaska Hotel Junction, Osman gunj, Sanker Bagh and Seena Hotel, Ajantha Gate near Exhibition Grounds, Abkari LaneTaj Island, Barthan Bazar, , AR Petrol Pump at KLK Building,
4) HYDERABAD CENTRAL: Chappel Road Entry, Gadwal Centre at the GPO, Shalimar Theatre, Gun foundry, Skyline Road Entry, HimayathNagar Y Junction, Bharath Scouts & Guides Junction in Domalaguda, Kalanjali at Control Room, Liberty Junction, MCH Office Y junction, BRK Bhavan junction near Telugu Thalli Junction, Iqbal Minar, Ravindra Bharathi, Dwaraka Hotel Junction, Khairatabad Junction (Visweswaraiah Statue), Children’s Park, Viceroy Hotel junction, Kawadiguda Junction, Katta Maisamma Temple at Lower Tank Bund, Indira Park Junction
5) HYDERABAD NORTH (Secunderabad ): Traffic will not be allowed to enter the Necklace Road and Upper Tank Bund from Karbala Maidan, Buddha Bhavan, Sailing Club, Nallagutta Junction. The traffic will be diverted at the following points from 1800 hrs on 11-09-2011 to 0800 hrs on 12-09-2011.
CTO, YMCA, Paradise X Roads, Patny X Roads, Bata X Roads, Adavaiah X Roads, Ghans Mandi X Roads,
The public coming to watch the Ganesh Immersion in Hussain Sagar Lake have to park their vehicles in the following notified places.  Therefore, people are requested to park their vehicles in the places mentioned below and proceed by foot to the places of immersion:
1) Institute of Engineers at Khairatabad Jn.           2) MMTS Station Khairatabad.
3) Anand Nagar Colony to RR Dist. ZP Office.      4) Back side of Buddha Bhavan
5) Goseva Sadan                                                   6) Lower Tank Bund
7) Katta Maisamma Temple                                   8) NTR Stadium
9) Nizam College                                                  10) Public Gardens
a) After immersion on the NTR Marg, the empty trucks / lorries should proceed to their destination via Necklace Rotary – Khairtabad flyover – V.V.Statue – KCP and onwards.   They will be not allowed to return towards Telugu Talli statue or Mint Compound road.
b) After immersion on the Upper Tank Bund, the empty trucks/lorries should proceed towards Children’s Park – DBR Mills – Kawadiguda – Musheerabad.  No lorry shall go through the Bible House Rail over Bridge
2) RESTRICTIONS ON INTER STATE / DISTRICT LORRIES: Inter State and Inter District Lorries are not allowed to enter the Hyderabad City on the intervening night of 11/12-09-2011.  Their movement will be terminated on the outskirts of the city during the Final day of Ganesh Immersion process. 
1) RTC city service buses: The regulations mentioned in the Para (II) i.e. Traffic Diversion Points will apply to the RTC City Region buses. When the procession reaches its peak, the RTC Buses will not be allowed beyond the following junctions towards Hussain Sagar Lake.
1) Masab Tank (Mehdipatnam buses)
2) V.V.Statue (Kukatpally buses)
3) CTO, YMCA, Rethifile, Sec’bad Rly.Stn., Clock Tower, Chilkalguda x road
                (Secunderabad buses)
4) 6 No. x road (Uppal Buses)
5) Gaddiannaram, Chaderghat (Dilsuknagar buses)
6) Bahadurpura  (Rajendra Nagar)
7) Nalgonda x roads (Midhani buses)
2)    Inter State / District Buses to reach the MGBS at Imlibun  
a) Coming from Rajeev Rahadari and NH-7 should go via JBS –YMCA –    Sangeet –
    Tarnaka – Jamia Osmania flyover – Nimboliadda – Chaderghat.
b) Coming from Bangalore should go via Aramgarh x road – Chandrayangutta X
 – I.S.Sadan – Nalgonda x   Road – Chaderghat
c)    Coming from Mumbai/NH 9 should go via Godrej ‘Y’ Junction – Narasapur X Roads – Bowenpally – JBS – YMCA – Sangeeth – Tarnaka, Jamia Osmania fly over – Adikmet – Nimboliadda.
            The movements of the above Inter State/District buses will not be permitted after 1200 hours on 11-09-2011 to 0600 hours on 12-09-2011.
            The APSRTC authorities will provide alternative routes convenient to them keeping in view the restriction imposed on the movement of vehicular traffic on the roads notified above. 
VI. PRIVATE BUSES: Private Buses should operate from their locations out side the City.
VII. HELP LINE:  The citizens are requested to contact the following Help Lines numbers for guidance in connection with the above restrictions.
1)    040-27852482   2) 040-27852486 3) 9010203626
                                                                                  Commissioner of Police,
       Hyderabad City