Delhi Government recommends e-challan and increase in PUC Fines to Rs.5000

PUC Traffic Fine Delhi

Transport Department at Delhi has an online system to validate the Pollution under control certificates of vehicles plying in Delhi. It is currently not equipped to send e-challans for vehicles who do not renew there PUC certificates within the validity period. In general traffic challan is only issued to a vehicle when the transport department conducts a drive to check the PUC’s of vehicles. 

Delhi government’s has suggested that the fine for the PUC violation be increased from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000 for the first offense and Rs. 2000 for the subsequent offense. It has also suggested that the department makes use of its online database to send out e-challans to all violators whose renewal status remains pending beyond the grace period. Transport department is apprehensive about sending e-challans as it says that Delhi has over 92lacs registered vehicles and it is an humongous task to send postal challan to everyone violating PUC norms. The bigger challenge lies in enforcing the rule by asking the vehicles which have violated this traffic rule to pay the e-challan. With limited resources at its disposal the department finds it challenging to implement this facility. The department was also suggested to send digital challans to the vehicle owner but has said that it does not have the required infrastructure to support it.

Most of these vehicles have to be checked for emissions every 3 months while the vehicles bought after 2010 and are BS IV compliant need to get there vehicles checked once every year. In general compliance rate is very low. With 150 staff personnel Transport department had issued 50,000 PUC challans last year.

Check Traffic Vehicle Fine Online

Do you want to see if there is any pending traffic challan against your vehicle at Bangalore. You can do that by using the facility provided by Bangalore Traffic Police below.
Traffic Challan ticket raised on the basis of a photograph is called an e-challan. Electronic Challan or e-challan can be raised against your vehicle if you have violated any of the below traffic rules. There are certain Traffic Rule violations which when captured on camera are accepted in the court of law. Below are the traffic rules violations accepted in court:
1. Parking Violation
2. OverSpeeding – This is captured by making use of Speed Guns
3. Improper Vehicle Number Format
4. Signal Jumping
5. Wrong U Turn
6. Stop Line Violation on Signals
7. Wrong Side Driving

You can see any Pending Traffic Fine or Violation Status Online at the below link


Bangalore Challan Online


Pay Traffic Fine Online

Do ensure that you enter the 10 digit Vehicle Number in this format: KA09AB0009. At many occasions users miss ‘0’ (zeros) in the vehicle number and hence are not able to see the traffic challan. Below are some of the incorrect formats.

Incorrect Formats are: KA09AB009, KA09AB09, KA9AB9

Also see how you can pay the traffic fine online below

Drive Safe, see below a Traffic Accident Video captured by Bangalore Traffic Police CCTV Cameras.