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How to get a Fitness Certificate from RTO?

Follow the mentioned procedure to Get you Vehicle Fitness Certificate.

a)    Forms required for New / Renewal of Fitness Certificate of Vehicle

•    Form C.F.A is required for Transport Vehicle or relevant forms for Personal Vehicle.
•    Form C.F.R.A for Renewal of Fitness Certificate for Transport Vehicle and for personal vehicles please See: Renewal of Registration of Vehicle
•    Vehicle to be physically Inspected by the Inspecting Authority
•    Certificate of Registration
•    Insurance Certificate
•    P.U.C ,if vehicle > 1 year old.
•    Tax payment receipt.

•    Personal vehicles should be in nice condition as per the details mentioned in the Form 20, 21 or any relevant documents as per MVA.
•    For Commercial vehicle follow MVA, APMV Act and Rules for which purpose vehicle is used on public place.
•    For renewal of Fitness Certificate of Educational Institution Buses, Fitness Certificate is renewed for every 12 months with deadline of May 31st.
•    For CFRR the applicant has to produce the vehicle after rectifying the defects.


Service Charge
12 Wheelers100/-30/-
23 Wheelers200/-30/- 
4Medium Motor Vehicles400/-60/-
5 Heavy Motor Vehicles500/-60/-

b)    Duplicate Fitness Certificate Process

•    Duplicate Certificate of Fitness can be given on loss or destruction for Rs. 5.00
•    Duplicate Fitness to marked in Red as “DUPLICATE”.
•    Fitness Certificate is valid throughout India.

•    For a Personal Vehicle the Certificate of Fitness is valid for 15 years for a new vehicle and 5 years for old from the date Renewal See: Renewal of Registration of Vehicle.
•    Commercial Vehicle, Fitness certificate is given for 2 year period for a new vehicle from the date of grant of Fitness and 1 year for others from the date of Renewal of Fitness.

Delivery of Documents –Same Day

Source : AP Trasnport