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Vehicle Search by Registration Number





Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the use of this service?

This service is useful to trace information about an Indian motor vehicle (car, bike, lorry, bus, etc.). Enter the vehicle number (e.g. AP 10 W0256) and this service will tell you State and City/Town in which the vehicle was registered along with the name of the person on whose name the vehicle is registered. Basically you will be able to locate RTO (Regional Transport Office) where the vehicle is registered along with details of the vehicle such as model, type, manufacturer, chassis number and all the identity with which a vehicle is identified. Owners address was available previously but was removed to ensure privacy.

2. Why would I need to trace an unknown vehicle details?

Let's say you had a problem with a speeding car or motor bike and you want to trace location of the vehicle. To trace details either you can approach RTO office close by or use our service to find out basic information about the vehicle. For any reason if you want to know basic details of a car,bike, lorry, bus, etc in India, our service will help you to locate it immediatly.

3. Can I trace address details of the vehicle by its number plate?

No. This service can trace and tell you the details about the State and District/Town/Area of the vehicle with the help of number plate details. Due privacy concerns and restrictions, exact address details are not available to everyone. We help you to identify the RTO office in which the vehicle is registered; you can approach the RTO office to get owner details of the vehicle.

4. I can't find details of a vehicle number using this service. What should I do now?

You can obtain the it by registering a complaint with RTO or Police department.